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How does vouchit! vouchers work for you???

Makes Managing Vouchers a Breeze

Keep an eye on every voucher every step of the way. Check customer details, purchase value and track redemption history all in the palm of your hand. 

Reduce Your Admin Load

No more staff time taken up on sales and admin. Vouchers are delivered directly via email at the time of purchase.

Unique Voucher Codes

Every voucher sold comes with its own unique individual character code & QR Code. This not only makes redemptions simple and quick, but also helps cut down on fraud and multiple uses of the same voucher.

Get Paid Immediately

We’ve partnered with online payment processing provider Stripe to bring you a transparent and cost effective payment solution. At the time of purchases, funds are directed straight to your account, minus our commission and Stripe fees. You have full control over your funds at all times.

Get on board with vouchit! and this is what we’ll do…


We actively promote your business and your vouchers online...A win-win

NO fixed monthly maintenance fees

Create new revenue streams by selling limited stock deals/special offers

Allow you to sell beautiful, bespoke vouchers online

You only pay when you make a sale, and even then it's just a teeny weeny percentage...


Be open for business 24/7

NO Set up fees

Sell vouchers for print, email or mobile

Access a rapidly expanding market

Promote your business with an episode on our Podcast

Need more convincing???
Lets Consider the Statistics


Up to 30% of vouchers are never redeemed. That's more profit for your business


Up to 30% of vouchers are never redeemed. That's more profit for your business65% of gift card recipients spend on average 38% above the value of their certificate


$44.83 is the average spend on a gift card


In H2 2017 Online Vouchers sales in the UK were up 72% on the same time the previous year.


73.4% of adults decided to purchase at least one prepaid gift voucher for holiday shopping


45% of seniors (65+) planned to give gift cards within the next 3 months


By 2025 global e-Gift Card sales are expected to be in excess of $700 billion


58.8% of shoppers said they would like to receive gift cards


Many companies give gift vouchers to their staff, and in some locations there can be tax incentives in doing so

Sources: National Retail Federation Gift Card Spending Survey & UK Gift Card & Voucher Association